Glencore Xstrata: Copper Mine in Zambia Endangers Lives

According to a recent SRF (Swiss Radio and Television) Rundschau report, extremely high sulfur dioxide emissions from Glencore Xstrata’s Mufulira copper mine site are endangering the health and lives of local residents in the Zambian town of Mufulira. Contamination levels between .5 and 5km from the mine measured up to 30X higher than World Health Organization (WHO) accepted levels.   ... →

Glencore Ready to Address Critics

After countless failed attempts to contact the Swiss mining giant Glencore Xstrata regarding their controversial activities, the company’s CEO Ivan Glasenberg has invited Jolanda Spiess-Hegglin, co-president of the Alternative Green Party in Switzerland’s Zug district and one of the company’s greatest critics, to participate in a face-to-face discussion. This provides a rare opportunity for Spiess-Hegglin to confront the company with the allegations voiced by many of Glencore Xstrata’s opponents.   ... →

Success for protest movement: Glencore Xstrata has to pass on controversial mining project:

The raw material and mining company Glencore Xstrata reduced its activities in the disputed Tampakan mine project in the Philippines. The decision is justified by the lack of consent of the local population and the prohibition of the provincial government of South Cotabato to operate an open-cast mine. In June, NGOs claimed that the mine project would lead to a displacement of 5,000 indigenous inhabitants and accused Glencore of trivializing the issue.   ... →

Glencore Receives the “Black Planet Award”

In Novemeber 2012, the ethecon Foundation Ethics & Economics awarded their “Black Planet” award to the Swiss commodity trading company, GLENCORE. The foundation recently presented the award to Glencore’s executives, including Ivan Glasenberg, Simon Murray, and Tony Hayward, as well as some of their prominent shareholders at Glencore’s annual shareholder meeting on 16 May 2013. The foundation’s goal was to once more echo the company’s irresponsible business practices and call for reform.   ... →

Violent anti-mining protests against Xstrata in Peru, 2 people die

Two people were killed and at least 50 were injured in protests against Xstrata’s Peruvian copper mine Tintaya 28 May, prompting the government to declare emergency rule that give the army special police powers.

The government suspended the freedom of assembly in a bid to break roadblocks isolating the mine.

Under the emergeny rule, no arrest warrant was needed to arrest anti-mining leader Herbert Huaman neither.   ... →

Merging of the evil feedstock giants

For years the Swiss company Glencore has been accused of bad conditions in its mines, evasion of taxes and degrading working conditions, however, without ever being prosecuted. Now it is expanding its dominant position on the commodity markets through its fusion with the mine operator Xstrata. If the merging is authorised, Glencore will control the whole supply chain, from extracting natural resources to the transport and the sale.   ... →