Walmart: Slave labour in Shrimp Production

Shrimp was once a luxury food, but today it is available in all supermarkets at a cheap price, but at what cost for the workers and producers? The Guardian UK has undertaken an investigation in Thailand over a six month period and has reported on severe conditions for those working in the industry in Thailand. Their investigation has shown that men are being bought and sold like animals, most foreign workers are sold to a boat for about 300 Euro and are often held under threat of extreme violence for years.   ... →

Nothing has changed since Rana Plaza

A documentary by Canadian CBC News the fifth estate finds that the working conditions in Bangladesh’s garment industry widely remain dangerous. The promises that were made after the Rana Plaza collapse last year seem to have been forgotten. Wal-Mart for example compiled a list of factories that did not meet their standards. The documentary shows that the company still buys from banned factories.   ... →

H&M and Inditex Newest Signatories of Bangladeshi Safety Accord

Worker rampages ensued following the recent collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh in April that killed over 1,100 people. In response to the tragic event, many large retailers, including H&M, Inditex (owner of Zara), and Primark, have chosen to sign the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, a document that extends retailers’ accountability for conditions at their garment supply factories.   ... →