Deadly protests lead to the closure of Vedanta’s copper smelter in southern India

The Tuticorin copper smelter located in a South Indian city of 320,000 and owned by Vedanta Resources, has faced criticism for more than two decades for causing increased cancer rates in surrounding villages. Nisha Valderas, a resident, describes the situation: “If you go to the doctor, the first question is: Are you from Tuticorin?”. She knows of at least three people from the region who died of cancer before the age of eighteen.   ... →

Barrick Gold Veladero Mine 15,000 litre Cyanide leak

An Argentine court has ordered a halt to gold leaching processes at the Valdero gold mine operated by Barrick Gold, initially for five days[1] but this was then extended to allow for a full investigation.[2] The Veladero mine is one of the largest gold mines in Argentina, producing 722,00 ounces of gold in 2014. The mine is located in the Argentine province of San Juan near to the Chilean border.   ... →

US Oil Concern Anadarko Petroleum: Record level Compensation Payment

The US oil company Anadarko Petroleum has agreed to pay a record 5.15 Billion Dollars (3.75 Billion Euros) in response to severe environmental damage resulting from its operations. The US government originally set the compensation at 20 Billion Dollars, due to its concern over the Anadarko subsidiary Kerr-McGee. In the last 85 years 2,700 US American territories have been contaminated with chemicals, including the contamination of Lake Mead by rocket fuels, the storage of radioactive waste in Native American territories and the contamination of other areas with carcinogenic substances, as reported by ‘20 min’.   ... →

European companies involved in controversial Belo Monte dam project

The Belo Monte dam project is widely criticized for its possibly devastating effects on the environment, for endangering the livelihood of 40.000 people displacment of these people. Up to this point, it was widely believed that the project was mainly pushed forward by the Brazilian government. A report now revealed that foreign, including european companies and financial institutions indirectly own 10 percent of the project.   ... →