Abuse of migrant workers in Thai Chicken production

The four major companies producing broiler chicken in Thailand have been shown to violate labour rights in the production facilities. The companies Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL, Laemthong Corporation Group, Centaco Group and Saha Farms Group are found to have in particular, violated the rights of vulnerable migrant workers in the industry.

An investigation by Finnwatch in September 2015 looked at six large factories in six Thai provinces.   ... →

Modern Slavery: Inhumane working conditions in fishing and agriculture industries.

According to a report published by the EU, exploitation is most likely to happen in the agricultural and fisheries industries. This plain truth is now also proved by recent incidents in these industries:

On Monday, 21st August three Californian companies filed a class action lawsuit against the US-American retailer Costco and its Thai fish food suppliers.    ... →

Locals near Akara Resources´ gold mine poisoned with heavy metals, Thailand

Since 2001, Akara Resources plc operates the Chatree Mining Compley in Ohichit Province, Thailand. After claims of health and environmental hazards, authorities analysed 600 blood samples of locals from Thap Khlo district. They found manganese and arsenic in 329 of them. 6,000 people living near the mines may thus have been poisoned by heavy metals. Samples taken from soil, plants and crop up to 4km away from the mine also showed traces of arsenic, cadmium and manganese.   ... →

Walmart: Slave labour in Shrimp Production

Shrimp was once a luxury food, but today it is available in all supermarkets at a cheap price, but at what cost for the workers and producers? The Guardian UK has undertaken an investigation in Thailand over a six month period and has reported on severe conditions for those working in the industry in Thailand. Their investigation has shown that men are being bought and sold like animals, most foreign workers are sold to a boat for about 300 Euro and are often held under threat of extreme violence for years.   ... →