Barrick Gold and AngloGold Ashanti (AGA): profiting from deception and depriving Tanzania

Fraud and tax avoidance Tanzania

Tanzania, located atop 45 million ounce of gold, economically valued at US$39 billion, is Africa’s third largest gold producer. Barrick Gold and AGA are primarily involved in operating Tanzania’s gold mines, with exports amounting to US$2.5 billion in gold during the past five years while the government has accrued just US$21–US$22 million per annum on average.   ... →

Barrick Gold: High levels of various metals contaminate the environment

Environmental devastation in Tanzania

Barrick Gold is running a gold mine in the Mara-district in North Tanzania.

People claimed that the tailing dam was leaking and fear contamination of the area. Barrick alleged that people had been stealing the lining of the tailing dam and destroying pipes. In May 2009 a major spill occurred at the mine.   ... →