Textron to stop producing cluster munitions

 CBU 97/CBU 105 Sensor Fuzed Weapon
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The US company Textron Systems, the last manufacturer of cluster munitions in the US announced it will stop production of these weapons, which violate international law. The reasons given for the shift is falling sales figures, company spokesman Sylvestre noted that it the result of changing political conditions and therefore required a realignment of its business.   ... →

Cluster Munitions Use: Civilian Casualties in Yemen

Since March 2015, a Saudi Arabian led coalition has been fighting the Houthi rebels in Yemen, as part of an operation called “Operation Decisive Storm”. Now, the human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) has reported that due to the use of cluster munitions during the fighting, civilians have been seriously injured.[1]

The production, trade and use of cluster munitions is internationally outlawed by the Oslo Convention, which entered into force on 1 August 2010.   ... →

Comeback of cluster munition prevented

US fails to internationally legalise cluster munition

Following 14 days of intensive negotiations in Geneva, the US, India, China and other proponents of cluster munitions have not succeded in their attempt to legitimise their weapon arsenals. „The prevention of the legalisation of cluster munitions is a milestone in the development of international law which can partially be attributed to the achievements of civil society“, claims Thomas Küchenmeister from ‘FACING FINANCE’.   ... →

European Parliament against the softening of the ban on cluster munition

On November 17, the European Parliament has adopted a resolution which urges the EU Member States to refrain from the softening of the prohibition of cluster munition. According to the EP, the draft proposal which is currently negotiated in Geneva is „full of exceptions and loopholes“. This could enable both the production and usage of cluster munition.   ... →

Leading German financial institute ready to disarm

Nongovernmental organisations welcome abandonment of investments in cluster munition

The organisation FACING FINANCE welcomes the anouncement of the Deutsche Bank to cease business relations with producers of cluster munition, an important first step in the direction of a general ban.

FACING FINANCE and its partner organisation urgewald have investigated and repeatedly criticised the relationships of several German financial institutions with producers of cluster munition in the foregoing months.   ... →