Protest leaders killed in Honduras.

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Since 2013 Berta Cáceres has led her community in peaceful opposition against a hydropower project on the river Gualcarque, the Agua Zarca Dam project. The river is sacred to the Lenca people and there was concern that the project would alter the sacred river and limit their access to drinking water and food. According to the New York Times, Berta Cáceres’ campaign involved ‘filing legal complaints against the project, organising community meetings and bringing the case to the Inter-American Human Rights Commission.’   ... →

Belo Monte dam project- a threat to local population and nature

The Belo Monte dam project in North East Brazil is currently the largest dam project on earth.

The price for the profits of involved firms is huge: the local population is being displaced, their environment destroyed and species are wiped out.

More details on BankTrack and international rivers.   ... →