Monsanto Roundup and a link to Intestinal diseases

Western Industrialised Countries have seen a significant rise in the cases of Celiac Disease, Irritable Bowl Syndrome and gluten intolerance. 20 years ago these conditions were largely unheard of and yet today up to 5% of the world population suffers from these illnesses. The question arises as to why these conditions have become more frequent, particularly in Europe and North America.   ... →

Monsanto’s business in India: On Seeds and Suicides

Human rights violations and environmental hazards in India

Some 95 per cent of India’s cotton seed is controlled by Monsanto. Across the world, new seed laws are being introduced, which enforce compulsory registration of seeds. On the one hand, these measures aim at stabilizing the seed market and stock, but on the other hand force small farmers into dependency on multinational corporations – and thus into high debts.   ... →