Contract workers at Rössing mine protest working conditions

Contract workers at the Rössing uranium mine owned by Rio Tinto submitted a petition on 7 October 2015 to the General Manager in Namibia. This included issues in relation to the violation of their labor rights and unacceptable working conditions. The temporary workers felt “exploited as cheap labor.” They earn seven times less than an employee who does the same work.   ... →

Radiological Impact of Rössing Uranium Mine – Namibia

At the Annual General Meeting of Rio Tinto in London, 15 May 2014, two recent reports about the impact of the uranium mine Rössing near Arandis, Namibia, on the environment and health were presented to the shareholders. 

In cooperation with Earthlife Namibia, the French organization CRIIRAD (Commission de Recherhe et d’Information Independantes sur la Radioactivite) analyzed the radiation of soil, water and sediments samples taken near Rössing´s mine caused by the tailing dams and waste rock dumps.   ... →

Rio Tinto: Critical reports on coal transports and resettlements in Tete province

Environmental Damages and Resettlement in Mozambique

Critical voices have been raised on the social and environmental impacts of the Riversdale coal mine owned by the Rio Tinto Group. The mine is located in the Tete province in northwestern Mozambique.

The original 2 million tonnes of coal, planned to be shipped via the Zambezi River from Tete province to the coast, have increased to a proposed 12 million tonnes.   ... →

Rio Tinto: Alleged of Anti-Unionist Practices

Labor Rights Violations in Canada

On February 29, three global union federations, whose affiliates comprise over 50 million union members, unanimously adopted a resolution to conduct a global campaign against Rio Tinto for the illegal lockout in Alma, Quebec. The three global federations include the International Metal Workers Federation, the International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers Unions, and International Garment Textile, Garment and Leather Workers Federation.   ... →

Rio Tinto: Insufficient preparations of mining operations in Mongolia

Human Rights Violations in Mongolia

Mongolia possesses immense gold and copper resources.  Reportedly, the mine of Oyu Tolgoi attracts investments which are approximately three times the entire GDP of Mongolia. 66 % of the mine is owned by the Canada-based Ivanhoe Mines Ltd and 34 % by the Mongolian government. British Rio Tinto in turn is the largest shareholder of Ivanhoe Miners Ltd.   ... →

Rio Tinto: Trialed for its complicity in war crimes

Human Rights Violations in Papua New Guinea

In 2000 the British corporation Rio Tinto has been brought to court by inhabitants of the island of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. Under the US Alien Tort Claims Act, environmental allegations have already been dismissed, while claims on genocide and war crimes have been revived by a US court in 2011.   ... →