Press Release: Rheinmetall: Facing Finance Recommends “Sell”

Berlin (4.5.2017) – While many banks recommend the purchase of Rheinmetall shares against the backdrop of increasing demand for defence products, the non-governmental organization Facing Finance calls on investors and shareholders to distance themselves from Rheinmetall shares and not to provide the company with more loans.

Reason: The SIPRI peace research institute now ranks Rheinmetall 30th in its list of the world’s largest weapon manufacturers.   ... →

Rheinmetall plans tank production facility in Turkey, threatened by dictatorship

  Bild (Ausschnitt): © Unknown [Public Domain] - Wikimedia

Despite the current political debate, Rheinmetall (Essen, Germany) plans to build a new tank production facility in Turkey. Rheinmetall claims that a military buildup of Turkey is unproblematic, because Turkey is a fully integrated member of the NATO and still a EU candidate.

Turkey already used tanks in the past against Kurdish minorities as well as against civilian protestors, which makes Rheinmetall’s planned Turkish-based tank production facility highly questionable.   ... →