Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas: Casinos Rather Than Banks?

Deutsche Bank invests only 19% of its resources into loans to the real economy. More than half of its assets are on the hunt for short-term profits every day. This is evidenced through an analysis by FairFin of the financial statements of seven banks active in Belgium. Of the banks researched, only Triodos and, to a lesser extent, Argenta, hold themselves substantially to the traditional role of a bank: using savings to invest in the real economy.   ... →

Report “Values Added: The Challenge of Integrating Human Rights in the Financial Sector”

Danish Institute for Human Rights released a report: “Values Added: The Challenge of Integrating Human Rights in the Financial Sector.” It identifies the challenges and potential benefits of integrating the concept of human rights to the work of financial institutions.

The report is available on Business & human-rights website:

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New FIDH report

Due to the crisis ethical investing has become a very important issue. For over 10 years, many investors take into account the so-called criteria of the ESG (Environment, Social Governance) concerning the potential effects of environmental and social investment. Not so many, however, apply the same “non” criteria during investments in the public sector. Report of the International Federation for Human Rights focuses on the basic elements that should be used in discussions on the evaluation of investments.   ... →

“The banks and society: rebuilding trust” report

The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR) published a new report titled “The banks and Society: Rebuilding trust”. The report addresses the following topics: financial exclusion, responsible credit, gender equality in employment, asset management, project financing, money laundering, lobbying, participation in the creation of public debt, speculation, tax avoidance, risk management, pay policy, and transparency. It also describes the activities of the largest banks in the UK and Ireland and raises many questions about their actions.   ... →

“Friends of the Earth Europe” report about food prices speculation

According to the “Friends of the Earth Europe” report, European banks, investment funds and insurance companies are speculating with food prices and are sponsoring the purchase of land in developing countries. The report examines the activities of 29 European banks, investment funds and insurance companies such as Deutsche Bank, RBS, Allianz, BNP Paribas, AXA, HSBC, Generali, UniCredit and Credit Agricole.   ... →