Deadly protests lead to the closure of Vedanta’s copper smelter in southern India

The Tuticorin copper smelter located in a South Indian city of 320,000 and owned by Vedanta Resources, has faced criticism for more than two decades for causing increased cancer rates in surrounding villages. Nisha Valderas, a resident, describes the situation: “If you go to the doctor, the first question is: Are you from Tuticorin?”. She knows of at least three people from the region who died of cancer before the age of eighteen.   ... →

State of Emergency in Peru – 4 dead in Protests at „Las Bambas“ Coppermine

A state of emergency has been declared in the Apurimac region of Peru, after escalating tensions at the Copper mine „Las bambas“. These tensions culminated on the 29 September in thousands of protestors gathering at the mine, this turned into voilent clashes with the police. This conflict left 16 people injured, including 8 police officers and 4 dead.   ... →