Rosia Montana: Goldmine ad acta?!

The Rosia Montana gold mine will seemingly not be put into operation in the near future. According to the “Deutsche Welle”, the Rosia Montana Cultural landscape has been added to the tentative list of Romania’s UNESCO world heritage sites.. This action is the first step towards including this site in the World Heritage register, which would grant international protection and support to the area.   ... →

Protests against Tía María Copper mine (Peru): 5 people dead

Since March 2015 there have been continued protests in the South of Peru against the Tía María project, a copper mine in Moquegua Region.

After a fifth person has died in the erupting violence, the Peruvian government has declared a state of emergency for 60 days starting May 23rd 2015 in the southern province of Islay.   ... →

People Power Leads the Fight Against Extraction in Latin America

In Latin America, people have realized that protesting serves as  the most effective action against large extraction companies in both the agricultural and mining industries and provides the best means by which to get their opinions heard by the government and the companies.  This tactic has been employed on a widespread basis to varying degrees of success against Chevron, Barrick Gold, Glencore Xstrata, and, most recently, Monsanto.    ... →

Police Put Down Protests After Oil Field Auction

October 21, 2013- Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Rio de Janeiro to protest the auction of Brazil’s largest oil field to a group of five companies; Brazil’s Petroleo Brasileiro Petrobras SA, France’s Total SA, the Netherlands’ Royal Dutch Shell, China’s CNOOC Limited, and China National Petroleum Corporation.  The protestors were concerned with the proceedings of the auction, in which the afore-mentioned group was the only bidder, as well as the relinquished control over Brazil’s resources to foreign companies.    ... →

Protests Stop Chevron Short

Earlier in October, Chevron was forced to suspend its shale gas exploration plan in Pungesti, Romania when members of the local community blocked the company’s trucks from entering the area.  Although one man was injured when police and the Chevron trucks attempted to more aggressively break through the demonstration, the protests remained largely peaceful and prevented Chevron from drilling an exploration well near Pungesti.    ... →

Newmont Mining Corporation: Protests Against Expansion of Yanacocha Mine, Peru

Human Rights Violations in Peru

The protest movement of several thousand Peruvians against the expansion of the Yanacocha mine in Cajamarca was aggravating in the summer of 2012. Since December 2011, a state of emergency was declared in northern Peru three times. According to the news agency Reuters, 5 protesters have been killed and 21 injured in the course of the demonstrations.   ... →