High returns despite responsible investment rules – Norwegian Pension Fund yields 6.9% in 2016

The Norwegian Pension Fund (NPF) manages assets worth more than 840 billion €, constituting the largest government pension fund worldwide. The fund’s assets mainly stem from Norway’s oil revenues and are supposed to offset oil price fluctuations and maintain pensions for current and future generations.

The NPF’s ethics commission evaluates all investment options to ensure the fund’s activities are in line with the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the UN Global Compact.   ... →

San Leon Energy: Excluded by Norwegian Government Pension Fund

San Leon Energy is an oil and gas company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. They are Europe’s largest unconventional oil and gas company, unconventional oil and gas in itself brings significant ethical concerns but San Leon Energy also faces criticism in its operations in Western Sahara.

San Leon Energy has received criticism in relation to its operations (onshore hydrocarbon exploration) in the disputed North African territory, which Morocco describes as its Southern Provinces.   ... →

Norway ends investment in Coal Companies

Norway’s parliament has voted that the Norwegian Government Pension Funds should sell its shares in the coal industry, in both mining and utility. The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund is one of the top ten investors Coal. By 2016, all companies  which gain more than 30 percent of their income or electricity through coal production will be excluded from the fund((Http://www.ipe.com/news/esg/norways-oil-fund-to-sell-all-remaining-coal-stocks/10008186.fullarticle   ... →

Norwegian Pensionfund: Recommendation for exclusion of 6 new companies

 The Council of Ethics for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global, one of the largest investors worldwide, has issued recommendations to exclude 6 more companies from the investment portfolio.

Its annual report 2014 and the corresponding website give details on the recommendations concerning the following companies:

  ... →