Vale implicated in another dam collapse in Brazil with more than 300 casualties feared

 Dam break in Brumadinho | Bild (Ausschnitt): © TV NBR [CC BY 3.0] - Wikimedia Commons

On Friday the 25th of January, a tailings dam at the Córrego de Feijão mine in Brumadinho, Brazil suffered a cave-in, resulting in a toxic landslide causing more than 99 casualties, with still 259 missing. The mudslide engulfed a nearby canteen in which workers of the mine had been eating lunch before progressing to nearby houses.   ... →

Protests against Tía María Copper mine (Peru): 5 people dead

Since March 2015 there have been continued protests in the South of Peru against the Tía María project, a copper mine in Moquegua Region.

After a fifth person has died in the erupting violence, the Peruvian government has declared a state of emergency for 60 days starting May 23rd 2015 in the southern province of Islay.   ... →

Chile Halts Construction of Barrick Gold’s Pascua-Lama Mine

After a four-month investigation, Chile’s environmental regulator has halted construction of Barrick Gold’s Pascua-Lama mine. A fine of more than $16 million was imposed on the Canadian company for “serious” and “very serious” environmental violations. The mining project, originally set up to take advantage of the thousands of tons of gold and silver deposits in the region, straddles the Chilean-Argentinian border.   ... →

Glencore: the dark side of mining activities

  Bild (Ausschnitt): © Golda Fuentes [CC BY 2.0] - flickr

Environmental and health hazards in Colombia

In Cesar´s department in Colombia, the soil is rich in raw materials. Many mining companies, including the Swiss company Glencore, have settled here next to small villages over the past 20 years. Activities of these companies are of utmost importance for the Colombian government concerning tax receipts, exportations and employment.   ... →

Paladin Energy Ltd: Failure to comply with environmental and safety standards

Environmental Damage and Safety Hazards in Malawi

The Malawian civic group KANRJC has filed a request to access environmental information concerning the operations of the Kayelekera Uranium Mine owned by Australian-based Paladin Energy Ltd.  Locals have reported illnesses as a result of the mining operations and insufficient compensation for their forced displacements.

While the extraction of uranium is a dangerous activity that poses risks to the local community’s health, life and livelihood, these risks are increased where mining operations are not strictly regulated, managed and monitored.   ... →