Fyffes PLC: Labour violations and Union member intimidation in Costa Rica and Honduras.

 Nick Stanbridge/Flickr | Bild (Ausschnitt): ©  Nik Stanbridge [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0] - Flickr

Fyffes PLC is an Irish company, headquartered in Dublin, engaged in the production, procurement, shipping, ripening, distribution, and marketing of fruits including bananas, pineapples, and melons. They have operations in Cost Rica and Honduras.

The NGO ‘Banana Link’ has brought to the fore issues of labour violations on plantations in Costa Rica and Honduras by subsidiaries of the Fyffes group.   ... →

Allegations against Apple supplier: Catcher Technology

After an undercover investigation, the American NGO China Labor Watch (CLW) and Green America, discovered Chinese IT component supplier Catcher Technology was in violation of Chinese labour standards, increasing the risk to employees. Catcher Technology is located in Jiansu Province.

Catcher supplies parts for the iPhone 6 and also manufacturers components for Apple iPads​​. After CLW found violations in April 2013 Apple was notified of these violations, prompting the company to promise improvement.   ... →

H&M, Zara, Kik weiter im Visier von Nicht-Regierungsorganisationen


In March 2013, LA Alameda, an Argentinian NGO renewed charges against Zara due to the poor working conditions in their factories. Zara belongs to Inditex, a textile manufacturer based in A Coruna, Spain.

 La Alameda accused multiple Buenos Aires factories of employing workers under slave-like conditions. This Video shows a job seeker who would only earn $10 after working a 14-hour day.   ... →

Nestlé: Labor Rights of unionists in the Philippines persistently violated

Corruption and Human Rights Violations in the Philippines

Nine years have gone by since the strike of unionists of Nestlé Philippines has begun and still there is little hope for a resolution of the conflict. In 2008, the Supreme Court has filed its third decision on the issue urging Nestlé to restart negotiations. So far, the company has ignored the court’s ruling, because according to the corporation, the workers are laid off work already since 2002.   ... →