Brazilian President Temer extinguishes protected Amazon reserve

  Bild (Ausschnitt): © Rainforest Action Network [CC BY NC 2.0] - flickr

In the last week of August, Brazilian President Temer, who has previously been arrested for corruption, released a huge nature reserve in the Amazon rainforest for raw material exploitation. The nature reserve is located in the national park Reserva Nacional do Corbe e Assiciados (Renca) in the northern states of Amapá and Para. The area of ​​the released reserve is four million hectares, approximately an area ​​the size of Denmark.   ... →

Seven companies, including German software multinational SAP, accused of kickbacks and corruption to gain government contracts in South Africa

Recent investigations by the South African investigative journalist group, amaBhungane, have found evidence of multinational companies in South Africa providing illegal payments to secure contracts with the government owned transport and logistics company, Transnet.  The companies that currently stand accused include the German companies SAP and T-systems, as well as the Swiss based Liebherr International AG, China South Rail, Shanghai Zhenhua, McKinsey and Neotel.    ... →

Norwegian Pensionfund: Recommendation for exclusion of 6 new companies

 The Council of Ethics for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global, one of the largest investors worldwide, has issued recommendations to exclude 6 more companies from the investment portfolio.

Its annual report 2014 and the corresponding website give details on the recommendations concerning the following companies:

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Deutsche Bank: Bribery Scandal in Japan

In December 2013, Shigeru Echigo, a Deutsche Bank employee was arrested and he is now providing information regarding his ex-supervisor, who he claims was involved in the corruption case.

According to reports by Bloomberg, Echigo admitted to bribing a pension fund executive to encourage him to  buy investment products. The investigation by the Japanese Authorities revealed that  the 60-year-old Yutaka Tsurisawa, manager of a pension fund from April to August 2013, was accepting benefits from Echigo.   ... →

Corruption allegations: GlaxoSmithKline pays kickbacks to doctors and government officials

The former head of the Chinese division of GlaxoSmithKline has been charged with corruption in connection with the unraveling bribery scandal in which GSK paid off doctors and government officials. In the past six years Mark Reilly and some of his associates allegedly spent an approximate sum of $480million on hospitals and its employees, in order to increase the sales of GSK pharmaceuticals.   ... →

How corrupt is BHP Billiton?

The investigation against BHP Billiton for violating US bribery laws has been going on for four years. The accusation is concerned with gifts and services for government officials during the Olympics in Beijing and with bribery allegations in other construction projects. Supposedly, BHP already acknowledged some of the accusations. The US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice have now informed BHP about possible consequences without specifying the potential degree of penalties.   ... →