Samarco Minercao: summary and progress on court cases and fines

Over two years after the disaster, there is still no complete assessment of the socio-environmental and socio-economic damages suffered by the affected communities.

As reported in Dirty Profits 6 – In March 2016, Samarco, Vale and BHP Billiton signed an agreement with the federal and state governments for socioeconomic and environmental recovery work worth a total of around BRL20bn over 15 years.   ... →

Blackrock sues Deutsche Bank for irresponsible MBS deals

Hard on the heels of the 7.2 billion dollar settlement with the US Department of Justice regarding the selling of defective mortgage backed securities (MBS), Deutsche Bank has suffered a further setback. A New York court on Monday 23 January approved a lawsuit brought by several Deutsche Bank clients who bought MBS between 2004 and 2008.   ... →

Deutsche Bank is being sued again

The Royal Park Investments SA/NV is suing the Deutsche Bank because auf mortage bonds worth 535 million USD. Deutsche Bank is accused of having used false or misleading prospects which motivated Royal Park to purchase overpriced certificates with an alleged investment grade rating. While the certificates are currently classified as very poor and thus are virtually worthless, the German bank was able to generate high profits with its role in marketing, structuring and selling the certificates.   ... →

Deutsche Bank faces law suit

n-tv (08.07.2012) The British interest rate scandal concerning allegedly flawed Libor rates keeps building up pressure on the Deutsche Bank: In the US investors – also German ones – take the financial institution to court because of a possible involvement. So far, the Deutsche Bank has been tight-lipped. First staff members, however, have already lost their jobs.   ... →