Sampoerna Agro: Indonesian Palm Oil producer fined for rainforest destruction

 Für Palmöl gerodeter Regenwald, Quelle: flickr, © H Dragon | Bild (Ausschnitt): © Hayden [CC BY 2.0] - flickr

In a court decision of August 2016, the Indonesian court in Jakarta sentenced the Indonesian palm oil producer Sampoerna Agro to the highest ever penalty for illegal slash and burn agriculture, as Reuters reports.

According to the judgment of 11 August, the company was “negligent in relation to fires” over an area of 3,000 hectares in the province of Riau in 2014.   ... →

Musim Mas and Wilmar International responsible for continued deforestation in Leuser Ecosystem

A report published by the Indonesian NGO Greenomics on May 6th 2015 shows the continued deforestation of an elephant habitat in Leuser (Indonesia) by a supplier of Musim Mas and Wilmar International, the company Aloer Timur (part of the Mopoli Raya Group). The clearing of high carbon stock (HCS) land in the Indonesian Ecosystem violates the Indonesian Palm Oil Pledge (IPOP) which both companies signed.   ... →