Canadian embassy accused of supporting corporate economic interests before human rights

In a report recently published by MiningWatch Canada and the United Steelworkers, the Canadian embassy in Mexico is accused of misusing their diplomatic relations to enforce economic interests of a Canadian mining company at the expense of the Mexican miners.
Moreover, the report reveals breaches of the contract concerning land usage and labour rights in the silver, lead and zinc mine “La Platosa” operated by the Canadian mining company Excellon Resources.   ... →

Nestlé: Labor Rights of unionists in the Philippines persistently violated

Corruption and Human Rights Violations in the Philippines

Nine years have gone by since the strike of unionists of Nestlé Philippines has begun and still there is little hope for a resolution of the conflict. In 2008, the Supreme Court has filed its third decision on the issue urging Nestlé to restart negotiations. So far, the company has ignored the court’s ruling, because according to the corporation, the workers are laid off work already since 2002.   ... →