Mount Polley Gold and Copper Mine given permission to pump treated wastewater into Quesney lake, despite repercussions of dambreak.

 Proteste gegen Imperial Metals und die Wiedereröffnung von Mount Polley, Quelle: Flickr: Shutdown Mount Polley Mine, Autor: Jeremy Board | Bild (Ausschnitt): © Jeremy Board [CC BY 2.0] - Flickr

The failure of the Mount Polley tailings dam on August 4th 2014 in Canadian British Columbia, is considered to be one of the most damaging environmental catastrophes in coal mining. 4.5 million m3 of toxic mud and 10 million m3 of untreated wastewater flowed flooded out of the tailings dam and into the surrounding environment.   ... →

Centerra Gold: Subsidiary Kumtor to pay penalty for environmental violations in Kyrgyzstan

Bad news for Centerra Gold: In late May 2016, Kumtor Operating Company, a subsidiary of the Canadian mining company in Kyrgyzstan, was fined US$ 10,000 due to severe environmental damage. Kumtor operates the largest gold mine in Kyrgyzstan and Kumtor is also the largest western company operating in Central Asia.

The Kyrgyz authorities for ecological and technical safety has initiated further legal proceedings against Kumtor; in total the company will have to pay US$103 million to the Kyrgyz government.   ... →

Rosia Montana: Goldmine ad acta?!

The Rosia Montana gold mine will seemingly not be put into operation in the near future. According to the “Deutsche Welle”, the Rosia Montana Cultural landscape has been added to the tentative list of Romania’s UNESCO world heritage sites.. This action is the first step towards including this site in the World Heritage register, which would grant international protection and support to the area.   ... →

AngloGold Ashanti: construction starts in Ituri district, ignoring local population

Human Rights Violations in the DRC

AngloGold Ashanti is developing a goldmine in the Ituri district of the DRC. Issues of potential environmental impacts, social conflict, lacking community consent, displacement and corporate accountability exist.

Despite years of dialogue, AngloGold Ashanti is still not responding to the community’s key demands, or being transparent about their plans for the project.   ... →