Deutsche Bank: Money laundering & Bad Bank

Deutsche Bank has been confronted with two new allegations: Firstly, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority BAFin has opened an investigation concerning lax money laundering controls: The Deutsche Bank is accused of not reporting suspicious money movements to the police in time. Secondly, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are planning to invest in Huarong, a Chinese bad bank.   ... →

Subpoenas for Glencore, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan: Guilty of price-fixing?

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has summoned Glencore, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase in connection with their investigation over artificially high metal prices. The CFTC intends to examine documents and emails of the last three years. The subpoenas are regarded as a further sign that the CFTC takes the allegations uttered by consumers seriously and that the investigation process is stepped up.   ... →

Goldman Sachs Nominated for the Public Eye People’s Award 2013

Since 2000, the naming and shaming Public Eye People’s Award has been given to the company with the least corporate social responsibility. The award reminds the corporate world that social and environmental misdeeds have consequences, not only for the affected people and areas, but also for the reputation of the offender.

This year the investment bank Goldman Sachs, among others, has made the short list.   ... →

US banks risk public health and climate by financing coal

Rainforest Action Network, BankTrack and the Sierra Club released the “Coal Finance Report Card 2012”, their third annual ranking of the largest financiers of mountaintop removal coal mining and coal-fired power plants. The report looks at the stated policies for mountaintop removal and coal financing from each of the largest US Banks and assigns a letter grade to how well they uphold these policies based on investments, transactions and ownership of coal mining and coal burning utility companies.   ... →