New study by Global Witness shows a dramatic increase in killings of land and environmental defenders

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On 20th June 2016 the NGO Global Witness published their new study “On Dangerous Ground” drawing attention to the dramatic worldwide increase of killings of land and environmental defenders.

The study documents 185 murders in a total of 16 countries which is the highest homicide rate since records began in 2002 and an increase of over 59% compared to the previous year.   ... →

Report Reveals Deutsche Bank and IFC Land Grabbing Scandal

“Rubber Barons,” a recent report released by the international NGO Global Witness links Deutsche Bank and the IFC (International Finance Corporation) to an upsurge in land grabbing that has been taking place in Laos and Cambodia since 2000. Cambodia and Laos have lost a reported 3.7 million Hectares of forestland to private Vietnamese companies financed by Deutsche Bank and the IFC – forty percent of which went to establishing rubber plantations.   ... →