“Relationships” in Congo – Corruption allegations against Glencore

Glencore, the world’s largest commodity corporation, is suspected of corruption in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is expected to be sued on that basis. A Glencore subsidiary is said to have paid $ 6 million annually since 2013 to a company in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, on a quid pro quo basis.   ... →

Glencore Plc: subsidiary company pollutes river in Kazakhstan impacts reaching as far as Russia

At the end of May 2016 it emerged that spilled wastewater from a mine operated by Kazzinc Ltd in Ridder (Kazakhstan) has polluted the river Ulba, a tributary of the Irtysch, over a length of hundreds of kilometres. Locals are reporting breathing difficulties as far as 700 metres from the river. At the beginning of June, the grey coloured water is likely to reach its one million city- Omsk (Russia)- after covering a distance of 1100 kilometers.   ... →

KLP divests from Glencore

The Norwegian pension fund made public in December 2015, that they will divest from companies which generate more than 30% of their profits from coal deals. 12 energy companies were excluded from the KLP portfolio, including: Adani Power, Duke Energy and Korea Electric Power1.

Likewise Glencore, active in commodity trade, will not be financed by KLP any longer.   ... →