Monsanto Roundup and a link to Intestinal diseases

Western Industrialised Countries have seen a significant rise in the cases of Celiac Disease, Irritable Bowl Syndrome and gluten intolerance. 20 years ago these conditions were largely unheard of and yet today up to 5% of the world population suffers from these illnesses. The question arises as to why these conditions have become more frequent, particularly in Europe and North America.   ... →

Vale S.A.: Forced resettlement of the iron foundry´s neighbours

Environmental and health damages in Brazil

The 380 Families, who are living next to Vale´s iron foundry in Piquià de Baixo in the North-Brazilian state of Maranhão, are more and more often forced to resettle to other places. Indeed, over the past 25 years, five factories have been erected next to the village.Their pollution und environmental damages leave the inhabitants with no option but to abandon their homes.   ... →