Trumps Business with Deutsche Bank being investigated by FBI

 Trump im Gespräch mit Putin während dem G20-Gipfel 2017 in Hamburg  | Bild (Ausschnitt): © Website of the Russian President [CC BY 4.0] -

Investigations by the FBI into the alleged Russian manipulations of the 2016 US presidential elections are now including the Deutsche Bank. There is a suspicion that the bank’s loans to the US President have ties to the Russian government. According to a report by the Handelsblatt, FBI special investigator Mueller has applied for a subpoena, compelling the release of material.   ... →

Deutsche Bank was fined 629 million US Dollar for Russia Trades

Deutsche Bank was fined a total of 629 million US Dollars for compliance failures in relation to transactions of 10 billion US Dollar from Russia to Cyprus, Estonia, and Latvia via London and New York. The UK Financial Conduct Authority issued the ank with a 204 million US Dollar fine and New York’s Department of Financial Services issued a 425 million US Dollar fine.   ... →

New Claims against UBS regarding tax evasion

The Swiss banking giant, UBS, simply cannot escape the allegations of money laundering. In July 2014 Facing Finance reported on the illegal business practices of the Belgian UBS branch and the opening of a formal impeachment process of Marcel Brühwiler. Now a few weeks later, the same institution is being accused of helping wealthy French cheat the French Treasury and the Paris office is being charged with repeatedly violating French law between the years 2004 and 2012.   ... →

Deutsche Bank: Money laundering & Bad Bank

Deutsche Bank has been confronted with two new allegations: Firstly, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority BAFin has opened an investigation concerning lax money laundering controls: The Deutsche Bank is accused of not reporting suspicious money movements to the police in time. Secondly, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are planning to invest in Huarong, a Chinese bad bank.   ... →