Equator Principles 3 – publication delayed for October 2012

The publication of the new version of the Equator Principles for the banking sector has been pushed back to October 2012. Works on a six pages document have been going on for nearly two years and there’s not even an outline of any new rules for EP. Banktrack, Foundation CentrumCSR.PL partner in the Facing Finance project, calls on banks to improve their investment – taking into account climate change and human rights.   ... →

Banktrack report – ‘The Outside Job’

Banktrack released a new report titled “The Outside Job”. The report looks at changes in the Equator Principles – a voluntary basis of regulations for financial institutions to finance investment projects. The organization calls financial institutions for an improvement of the Equator Principles. The report was published because of an incoming meeting of the Equator Principles association.   ... →