Anadarko Petroleum: drilling for oil and gas endangers conservation centre

Danger of environmental devastation in Ohio/USA

American Electric Power (AEP) leased 150,000 acres around and beneath the Wilds in Ohio to Anadarko Petroleum. The Wilds is a conservation centre which contains mine land. However, the electric utility AEP donated it for the animal research centre and wildlife park, while retaining the mineral rights. A drilling lease has been signed encompassing around $ 15 million for leasing minerals rights over the next seven years to Anadarko Petroleum.   ... →

Barrick Gold: High levels of various metals contaminate the environment

Environmental devastation in Tanzania

Barrick Gold is running a gold mine in the Mara-district in North Tanzania.

People claimed that the tailing dam was leaking and fear contamination of the area. Barrick alleged that people had been stealing the lining of the tailing dam and destroying pipes. In May 2009 a major spill occurred at the mine.   ... →