Munition as Export Hit: German exports increased tenfold

 Heckler & Koch Sturmgewehr G36, Dirk Vorderstraße, Flickr | Bild (Ausschnitt): © Dirk Vorderstraße [CC BY 2.0] - flickr

According to the Government Report on Military Equipment Exports for the first half of 2016, Germany’s export licenses for small arms ammunition increased tenfold, compared to the same period of the previous year.

The total value of licences issued for the export of small arms ammunition rose from EUR 27 million to EUR 283.8 million, whereas exports of small arms decreased from EUR 12.4   ... →

German government bans unconventional fracking

 Protest gegen Frackingvorhaben in Deutschland. ©Uwe Hiksch | Bild (Ausschnitt): © Uwe Hiksch [CC BY-NC-SA 2.0] - flickr

On June 24, the German Bundestag addressed the issue of fracking, in particular to address and distinguish conventional from unconventional fracking. While conventional fracking has been applied in Germany for a long time, there is now a ban on the unconventional degradation in slate, clay, and coal seem rock due to the Water Resources Act. Existing regulations for fracking in sandstone (conventional fracking) were tightened up in relation to drinking water protection, and the application of fracking technology has also been prohibited in sensitive areas such as national parks and water points.   ... →

Entire VW Board investigated by BaFin re: Market manipulation

 Der Volkswagen-Vorstand wird sich wohl bald vor Gericht für die Affäre um gefälschte Abgaswerte verantworten müssen. ©BICYCLE at the German language Wikipedia | Bild (Ausschnitt): © BICYCLE [CC BY-SA 3.0] - Wikimedia

According to reports from Reuters, the German Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has launched an investigation into the VW emissions scandal against the ten managers who, until September 2015, formed the Group Management Board.. With this step, more of the people involved are held accountable in relation to the cover-up of information and market manipulation.   ... →

UBS pays 300 Million to German Tax authorities

UBS has settled with the German tax authorities to pay a 300 million euro fine, due to the suspicion they were aiding and abetting tax evasion. The prosecution has been investigating the Swiss bank since 2012. The investigation was instigated by the discovery of a CD containing details of UBS clients that was acquired by the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.   ... →