Samarco Minercao: summary and progress on court cases and fines

Over two years after the disaster, there is still no complete assessment of the socio-environmental and socio-economic damages suffered by the affected communities.

As reported in Dirty Profits 6 – In March 2016, Samarco, Vale and BHP Billiton signed an agreement with the federal and state governments for socioeconomic and environmental recovery work worth a total of around BRL20bn over 15 years.   ... →

Patria AMW: Trial on corruption in Slovenian tank deal

Corruption in Slovenia

A tank deal contracted in 2006 has evolved into several court procedures in different EU countries on the grounds of bribery and the formation of a criminal organization. At the centre of the issue is the competition of two defense companies for a deal with the Slovenian army with a total trade volume of 278 million euro.   ... →

Rio Tinto: Trialed for its complicity in war crimes

Human Rights Violations in Papua New Guinea

In 2000 the British corporation Rio Tinto has been brought to court by inhabitants of the island of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. Under the US Alien Tort Claims Act, environmental allegations have already been dismissed, while claims on genocide and war crimes have been revived by a US court in 2011.   ... →