Producers of outdoor clothing using dangerous toxic chemicals.

Producers of outdoor clothing are often seen as role models for sustainable and environmentally conscious production and take a leading role in terms of working and production conditions and the avoidance of harmful chemicals. Now, however, a study by Greenpeace shows that far-reaching improvements are necessary in this industry.

Greenpeace tested 40 products from famous brands such as North Face, Mammut or Haglöfs on per- and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFCs).   ... →

Major Retailers Contribute To Severe Water Pollution In China

Textile suppliers of Zara, H&M, Ann Taylor, Guess, Target, Disney and Uniqlo, among other big brands, have violated China’s environmental laws by contaminating water supplies with chemicals from dyes and printing, according to a new report released from the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs.

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