Walmart textile workers in Asia protest against working conditions – workers rights group “Jobs with Justice Education Fund” publishes report

The workers rights groups Jobs with Justice Education Fund (JWJ) and the Asia Floor Wage Alliance have published the report “New Findings on Conditions Across Walmart’s Garment Supplier Factories in Cambodia, India and Indonesia” in June 2015. They evaluate the working conditions in factories producing textile goods for Walmart in Cambodia, India and Indonesia. To their great concern workers still have to face poor labour standards even though in some aspects there has been gradual improvement.   ... →

Garment workers in Phnom Penh still on strike

Already at the beginning of 2014, workers of the textile company Cambo Kotop, a subsidiary of the Korean Hansoll Textile Ltd. in Cambodia (suppliers of Gap and Walmart), went on strike against low wages and poor working conditions. The organisers all of whom have been unionists, were dismissed as a consequence. Since then the strike has been ongoing and the situation in the factory is still the same.   ... →

Report Reveals Deutsche Bank and IFC Land Grabbing Scandal

“Rubber Barons,” a recent report released by the international NGO Global Witness links Deutsche Bank and the IFC (International Finance Corporation) to an upsurge in land grabbing that has been taking place in Laos and Cambodia since 2000. Cambodia and Laos have lost a reported 3.7 million Hectares of forestland to private Vietnamese companies financed by Deutsche Bank and the IFC – forty percent of which went to establishing rubber plantations.   ... →