The Myanmar Dilemma

Primark Filliale | Bild (Ausschnitt): © Xmate09 [CC BY-SA 3.0] - Wikimedia

The garment industry has long been heavily criticized for fostering low wages, long working hours, child labor and health issues in Bangladesh and Pakistan. It has recently been observed that fashion manufacturing in Myanmar is steadily increasing. It seems that the garment industry is shifting manufacturing sites to other countries after public attention was raised by the collapse of the Rana Plaza production facility in 2013.   ... →

Kik: Compensation for the victims of the Bangladesh factory collapse increased to $1 Million.

When the Rana Plaza textile factory in Bangladesh collapsed last year, 1183 people dies and another 2,000 were seriously injured .The cause of the collapse was later found to be due to the building being over capacity. Kik was making textiles cheaply, and under paying its workers, its primary contractors were clothing companies such as Adler, C & A, Mango and Benetton.   ... →