Barrick Gold Veladero Mine 15,000 litre Cyanide leak

An Argentine court has ordered a halt to gold leaching processes at the Valdero gold mine operated by Barrick Gold, initially for five days[1] but this was then extended to allow for a full investigation.[2] The Veladero mine is one of the largest gold mines in Argentina, producing 722,00 ounces of gold in 2014. The mine is located in the Argentine province of San Juan near to the Chilean border.   ... →

Vale S.A. : Suspension of a potassium mine project in Argentina

Labor Rights Violation in Argentina

The Brasilian group Vale S.A. heads a multi-billion potassium mine project in Rio Colorado, Argentina, which is planed to start production in 2014. It was notably supported by the Economic Federation of Mendoza (FEM), which is led by the Mendoza Chamber of Mining Entrepreneurs (CARMEN). According to them, such a project will have a positive impact for the region owing to a three-points agreement concluded between Vale and the local authorities of the province of Mendoza.   ... →