US Oil Concern Anadarko Petroleum: Record level Compensation Payment

The US oil company Anadarko Petroleum has agreed to pay a record 5.15 Billion Dollars (3.75 Billion Euros) in response to severe environmental damage resulting from its operations. The US government originally set the compensation at 20 Billion Dollars, due to its concern over the Anadarko subsidiary Kerr-McGee. In the last 85 years 2,700 US American territories have been contaminated with chemicals, including the contamination of Lake Mead by rocket fuels, the storage of radioactive waste in Native American territories and the contamination of other areas with carcinogenic substances, as reported by ‘20 min’.   ... →

Interview with Daniel Ribeiro on

Polish news website conducted an extensive interview with Daniel Ribeiro. Daniel explains in an interview how the multinational corporations use weakness of the developing countries. Moreover Daniel speaks about ineffective voluntary practices in the area of ​​human rights and what impact financial institutions have on developing countries.

We encourage you to read the translated interview on   ... →