Amazon’s Kindle and Echo Dot: serious labour violations in China at Foxxconn factory

In 2017 Amazon earned over $3 billion in profit, reaching record highs that exceeded Wall Streets expectations . This information is difficult to correlate with the new report that has been recently released by the NGO China Labour Watch.

The new report details the oppressive labour conditions faced by dispatch workers at Amazon’s factories in China .     ... →

Cargill and Bunge continue to destroy the Amazon region in Bolivia and Brazil

A new report released by Mighty Earth looks at global meat production and its impact on the South American rainforest. It investigates soy production by companies such as Cargill and Bunge, soy being an important input into cattle feed. Soy production in Brazil and Bolivia is contributing to serious deforestation. According to the report large scale forest clearing is being undertaken by Bolivian and Brazilian farmers who trade with Cargill.   ... →

Apple, Google, Starbucks und Co.: New Reprisk report shows tax evasion

 Der neue Bericht zeigt die Steuervermeidungstricks großer Unternehmen auf. Quelle: Rvanreig, Wikipedia | Bild (Ausschnitt): © Rvanreig [CC BY-SA 4.0] - Wikimedia

The Agency RepRisk has released a study on the tax optimisation of several multinational corporations. Tax optimisation while not considered illegal, has been deemed unethical due to the impacts of not paying taxes in the country in which an organisation operates. The “Special Report on Tax optimisation” by RepRisk now provides insight into companies that operate tax optimisation based on loopholes and with the help of global tax havens.   ... →