Companies deprive Africa of urgently needed financial means

A report by the High Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows published in February 2015 revealed that Africa looses up to $ 50 billion a year due to fraudulent schemes among governments and multinational companies. This amount doubles the annual official development aid that the continent receives making it a net creditor to the rest of the world.   ... →

Press Release: Illegal conversion timber export threatens African countries’ forests and agreements with EU

Amsterdam, 27 May 2014 – Illegal and corrupt behaviour by foreign-owned companies engaged in establishing large palm oil plantations not only threatens local communities and forested areas throughout west and central Africa, but will seriously undermine legislation being set up between African countries and the European Union to prevent just that says Greenpeace International.

In a new report published today, Greenpeace reveals how one company in Cameroon, has colluded with government officials to illegally obtain a permit to export timber that itself was illegally felled in order to establish a palm oil plantation in the South West region of the country.   ... →

Africans Oppose G8 Food Security Plan

A band of African NGOs and farming alliances recently released a statement calling the G8’s New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Africa a “wave of new colonialism.” The New Alliance brings African nations and private corporations to the bargaining table. Negotiations, therefore, tend to revolve more around securing markets for large multinational agricultural firms rather than improving living standards.   ... →

Dirty Profits EXPOSED

Facing Finance’s newest project brings the Dirty Profits report to life. Dirty Profits Exposed follows three journalists, Ilham Rawoot, Victoria Schneider, and Katrin Kraemer through Africa on their quest to uncover the ongoing, real-life consequences of the mining industry on local populations and the environment.

Africa has become a target of large multinational mining companies for its rich resources and relaxed environmental and governmental regulations.   ... →