Our Expertise

The Facing Finance team shares the expertise gained from ongoing project work with financial market players, educational institutions, municipalities and public finance administrations and organisations of all kinds.


Facing Finance offers lectures and staff trainings on sustainable finance throughout Germany or online in German or English language. Our range of topics includes the role of companies and the German and international financial industry in violating human rights, environmental standards or international agreements.

Lectures are aimed at consumers, students, employees of financial institutions and institutional investors such as foundations or pension funds.

Possible main topics are:

Among others, we hold letures here: Young Climate Conference LCOY, Ostdeutscher Sparkassenverband, (OSV), Technical University Munich, Technical University Dresden, University of Hamburg, Alanus University, Bergfreunde, Oikocredit Gutes Geld Lab, Sparkassenakademie, Moabiter Ratschlag e.V., Volkshochschulen.


Policy Analysis

Facing Finance advises and supports institutional investors, municipalities and finance ministries in the development of legislation for sustainable investments and pension funds (see references). A detailed set of criteria based on international standards and norms is used to comment on investment guidelines and draft legislation (see Fair Finance Guide Assessment Methodology).

As a reference you can find our comments on state laws here (german): Law for Sustainable Finance Investments Baden-Württemberg (see p.38, 2022) und Sustainable Finance Act Schleswig-Holstein (2020).

Financial Research

We regularly support associations and NGOs with financial research. By investigating financial flows between companies and financial institutions, civil society organisations can reach new audiences, such as financial institutions, for their thematic campaigns. We have a decade of experience in this area, including our Dirty Profits reports.


Facing Finance accompanies and produces research, background reports, blog articles and studies with and for other associations and NGOs. Our focus: Finance research on plastics, mining, arms exports and labour and human rights.

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