The Dirty Profits Report

Because the financial flows of today determine the world of tomorrow

How do financial institutions decide which companies receive money for what? Our Dirty Profits reports show that banks are giving millions of dollars to companies that are harming the well-being of the planet and its people. So when we think about climate crises, plastic pollution or global inequality, the money flows between the financial industry and the companies that have fuelled these crises are often right next door.


Banks play a much bigger role in society than is generally recognized. Their past financing and investment decisions are reflected in current crises such as global warming or plastic pollution. After all, whether it’s building new gas pipelines or setting up a harmful throwaway industry, it all takes money, and banks are one of the places that provide it.


But the reverse is also true: what is financed and invested today will determine the world of tomorrow. That is why, for 10 years, the Dirty Profits Report has been exposing exploitative, climate-damaging or environmentally destructive business practices and calling for a change of heart among companies and their financiers. We want banks to accelerate, not slow down, the transformation to a socially just, climate- and environmentally sustainable economy.


Why should I care? Everyone in Germany has the right to a bank account, because it is indispensable for many day-to-day transactions. Many of us even have more than one account and invest our money in the capital market. Regardless of whether the money is deposited or invested with a view to making a profit, it is put into circulation. Banks lend money to companies and provide them with access to the capital markets; pension funds, banks and fund managers invest in the securities of large companies. In this way, my choice of bank or fund contributes to the human rights abuses, environmental damage or climate crisis that we highlight in our Dirty Profits reports.


Each Dirty Profits report is a collaborative project with different organisations. Giving a voice to those affected by exploitative corporate structures is important to Facing Finance. We have worked closely with the following organisations over the past two years:

All nine Dirty Profits reports and accompanying materials are available for free download in the Publications section. Individual copies can also be sent on request:

The report series is funded by Bread for the World, Misereor, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and Kindernothilfe. We are very grateful to them!

Do you have any questions about the project, suggestions for case studies or would you like to get involved? Our project coordinator, Vanessa, would love to hear from you:

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