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Our Team


Thomas Küchenmeister is the managing director of Facing Finance e.V. He founded the NGO Facing Finance in 2010 with the aim of bringing transparency to the world of finance and advocating for the responsible use of financial resources. He is also spokesperson for the STOP KILLER ROBOTS campaign in Germany.


Vanessa Müller is a deputy board member of Facing Finance e.V. and, in the annual Dirty Profits Report, identifies companies worldwide that continuously violate internationally recognized norms and standards in the areas of human and labor rights, environmental protection, weapons systems that violate international law, and corruption, and exposes their financial relationships with banks.



Kleopatra Partalidou coordinates the Fair Finance Guide, and analyzes and evaluates banks’ policies according to ethical criteria. With this project, she aims to strengthen the commitment of financial institutions to ethical, social and environmental standards and to convince investors to integrate such standards into their investment decisions.



Frederike Potts is a deputy board member of Facing Finance e.V. and examines the portfolios of investment funds in the project. With this project, she shows which funds still profit from controversial corporate practices in order to create transparency about the fact that investing money is also possible without climate destruction and human rights violations.



In the project Fair Anlegen & Stiften, Emilia Tafel sensitizes charitable foundations, which are largely financed by the investment income of their foundation assets, to incorporate sustainability criteria into their investment guidelines in order to act in accordance with the foundation’s purpose.




As part of the project, Luca Schiewe is researching companies around the world that are involved in arms exports to war zones in order to enable financial institutions and investors to develop appropriate divestment strategies.