Right to Food

Right to Food is an organization and research team led by Jean Ziegler, former UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food for the Commission on Human Rights (later the Human Rights Council) and current independent expert for the UN and honorary Professor at the University of Geneva.  The organization attempts to support the universal human right to food and protection from malnutrition by upholding supporting international laws such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s Right to Food Guidelines.  It also aims to spread awareness about the right to food, the millions of people suffering from undernourishment and malnutrition, the possible solutions to ensuring adequate food for all people, and the legal obligations of states as it pertains to the ability of all people to have access to sufficient food.


Goal:[1] The goal of Right to Food is to promote awareness of the following principles;

[…] all human beings have the right to food that is available in sufficient quantity, nutritionally and culturally adequate and physically and economically accessible.

[…] the right to food implies three types of state obligations-the obligations to respect, protect and to fulfil.

The right to food is protected under international law and the correlative state obligations are well-established under international law.


to meet the following objectives;

[…] enough food being produced for both the present and future generations, therefore entailing the notions of sustainability, or long-term availability, and the protection of the environment.

[…] the dietary needs of an individual […] must be fulfilled not only in terms of quantity but also in terms of nutritious quality of the accessible food.

[…] the financial costs incurred for the acquisition of food for an adequate diet does not threaten or endanger the realization of other basic needs […]

[…] require[…] governments not to take any measures that arbitrarily deprive people of their right to food […]

[…] states should enforce appropriate laws and take other relevant measures to prevent third parties, including individuals and corporations, from violating the right to food of others.

[…] governments must pro-actively engage in activities intended to strengthen people’s access to and utilization of resources so as to facilitate their ability to feed themselves.

and to continue the fight for the right to food.

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