DZ Bank

Headquartered in Frankfurt a.M., DZ Bank is the 4th largest bank in Germany. DZ Bank is a member of the German Financial Services network and partners with around 900 other cooperative financial institutions. According to DZ Banks Chief executive, Wolfgang Kirsch, “Cost efficiency is the top priority” in their business operations.[1] They are invested in controversial companies such as AngloAmerican, Eni, Rio Tinto, and Royal Dutch Shell.[2]

DZ Bank was included in the Dirty Profits 2 report and details regarding their financial ties with controversial companies are contained within the report, and more detailed information is available to download here.

In the Dirty Profits 1 report, DZ Bank ranked seventh in harmful investment transactions with a total of €1.432 billion invested in 18 of the 28 controversial companies investigated in the PROFUNDO report. For detailed information regarding the companies that DZ Bank is invested in, please refer to the PROFUNDO research report links below. The PROFUNDO report, (conducted between 2010 and 2012), analyzes the investments between DZ Bank (and many other financial institutes) and controversial companies.

PROFUNDO – Underwritings of Shares and Bonds


PROFUNDO – Management of Shares and Bonds

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