Crédit Agricole SA

Crédit Agricole Group is one of the largest banking groups in Europe. It is the leading retail bank in Europe, number one European asset manager and global leader in aircraft financing. It has 150,000 employees and the 31,000 directors operating in the sectors of retail banking, corporate and investment banking and specialised financial services.

Crédit Agricole SA is a member of the UN Global Compact and is participant to the Equator Principles and the Principles for Responsible Investments and is an investor member of the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Revenue 2013: € 16,015 million ( Agricole SA )1

Revenue 2012: € 15,954 million2

Total Assets 2013: € 1,536.9 billion  (( ))

Crédit Agricole has once again included in the Dirty Profits 4 report, details of the financial ties to selected controversial companies can be found within the report and detailed data tables from the research period 2013-2015 can be downloaded here.

For detailed information illustrating the financial ties between Crédit Agricole SA and the selected controversial companies, please view the Dirty Profits 3 report. Further detailed data tables can be downloaded here.


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