Vale S.A.

Vale S.A. is one of the biggest Brazilian companies, the second largest mining company worldwide and the largest producer of iron ore: Vale controls 35% of the market.

In addition to the mining sector, Vale is also active in the production of steel and in the transport and energy sector. Vales value at the stock market is estimated at € 105.9 billion.

The company is continuously criticised because of its violation of human rights and the pollution of the environment. As of late 2011, especially its involvement in the construction of the Belo Monte dam in Brazil raises serious concerns.

In 2012, Vale was awarded the “Public Eye People’s Award”.

In April 2015, the alliance of civil society organisations “International Articulation of those Affected by Vale”1 published a report on Vale´s unsustainable activities. The report covers more than 30 cases of violations of human or environmental rights throughout the company´s worldwide activities and supply chain. The most severe violations include cases of forced labour and espionage. Vale is also engaged in various legal procedures, according to the report, including the one in Brazil for widening the Carajás Railroad in Brazil. Projects include the Belo Monte dam, the TKCSA steel making plant, coal mines in Mozambique, a nickel plant in Canada, and others.2 The report (in portuguese) can be downloaded here.

Shareholders according to Morningstar

Investment funds according to onvista

Investor information correct as at publication of Dirty Profits 2, December 2013.

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