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Samsung Group

The Samsung Group, founded in 1938, is a South Korean conglomerate with around 369,000 employees.1 The flagship of Samsung Group is Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest mobile phone producer and one of the biggest suppliers of memory chips and touch screens.

Various investment funds, such as Ethias and APG have divested or are in discussions with Samsung regarding divestment. This is in part due to their subsidiary Samsung Techwin which produced cluster munitions. Samsung Techwin has also now been associated with the production of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS).

In November 2014, Samsung sold a controlling stake in Samsung Techwin to Hanwha Group. (( )

Samsung has also been associated with labour violations in its supply chain in China and the Philippines, and has been criticised for its limited e-waste recycling in India (as reported in Dirty Profits 3).

Investor information correct as at publication of Dirty Profits 3.

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