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Rio Tinto plc

Rio Tinto is an Anglo-Australian metal and mining company headquartered in London. It operates on six continents and is one of the four largest mining companies in the world. Its principal product groups are aluminium, copper, diamonds, minerals, energy, and iron ore. Rio Tinto is notoriously lax in their concern for issues like safety, human rights, the environment, and tax laws. A recent Earthworks report criticized Rio Tinto for their inability to provide environmentally and socially responsible minerals. Rio Tinto is a UN Global Compact signatory, meaning it has agreed to embrace and incorporate the Compact’s core values into their policies and operations. Rio Tinto has signed the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, meaning Rio Tinto must realign corporate policies and procedures with internationally recognized human rights principles in the provision of governing their security for their operations.

Various investors have excluded Rio Tinto in relation to environmental damage and human rights issues, for example Norges Bank, KLP and FDC.

Investor information for Rio Tinto given below is correct as at publication of Dirty Profits 4, February 2016. (this was an additional investigation)

Shareholders according to Morningstar

Investment funds according to onvista