LPP S.A. is a Polish clothing company active in various European markets.[1] The company went public on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) in 2001 with a share price of 48 PLN ($11.70). Due to the company’s dynamic growth and enormous success, the share price soared to over 6,800 PLN ($2,125) over just 12 years, achieving a WSE record in July 2013. [2] LPP sells its products in more than 700 Polish retail shops under brand names like Reserved, Cropp, House, and Mohito.[3]

Investor information correct as at publication of Dirty Profits 2, December 2013.

LPP is not a UN Global Compact signatory. LPP manufactures 19% of its products in Bangladesh.

[1] LPP S.A. (2012): Company (accessed 02.09.2013).

[2] Warsaw Stock Exchange (2013): LPP SA Share Price Development (accessed 02.09.2013).

[3] Wojciech Matusiak (2013): “Lepsze warunki pracy w Bangladeszu bez właściciela Cropp i Reserved”, Gazeta Wyborcza, 9 July (accessed 09.07.2013).

Registered business address:
Łąkowa 39/44, Gdańsk, Poland
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