L-3 Communications Holdings Inc.

L-3 Communications is a leading provider of a broad range of electronic systems used on
military and commercial platforms. The company’s L-3 Fuzing & Ordnance Systems (L-3 FOS) division is described as one of the most advanced manufacturers of fuzing and ordnance products in the world. This includes the development and production of fuzes for missile and rocket-driven devices and ordnance ammunition deployed by infantry. SIPRI rated L-3 as the 9th largest arms producing company in the world.[1]

Investor information below is correct as at the publication date of Dirty Profits 1, December 2012.

Shareholders according to Morningstar

Investment funds according to onvista


[1] http://www.sipri.org/research/armaments/production/Top100

Registered business address:
New York, NY, USA
United States of America

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