Airbus Group SE (formerly EADS NV)

Airbus Group (known as EADS until 2014), headquartered in the Netherlands, is one of the largest aerospace corporations in Europe. Airbus has significant operations in the defence sector. According to SIPRI 2014, Airbus Group ranked 7th largest in the world by arms sales, although this only made up 18% of their total sales1

Airbus holds 37,5% of shares of the joint venture MBDA, together with BAE Systems (UK) and Finmeccanica (Italy). MBDA produce the ASMPA air launched nuclear missile the M51 and M45 nuclear ballistic missiles for the French nuclear deterrent force.  The anti-tank missile Milan is also produced by MBDA in France and under licence in other countries such as India. Based on their evident involvement in the production of nuclear weapons, the Norwegian Government Pension Fund2 excluded Airbus Group SE from their investments.3

Investor information correct as at Dirty Profits 4, February 2016.

Shareholders according to morningstar

Investmentfunds according to onvista


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