Drummond Co.

Drummond Company Inc. is a privately owned US mining company from Birmingham, Alabama, with mining operations in the U.S. (Alabama) and in Colombia. Drummond has a 5% share of the global coal export trade, making it the fourth largest coal exporter in the world.
Drummond’s expansion to Colombia began with the acquisition of significant mining rights to coal reserves located in northern Colombia in the late 1980s. Since then, Drummond has become the second biggest extractor of Colombian coal, with an annual output of 25 million tons [1] from just two coal mines.[2] In 2011, ITOCHU Corporation from Japan became a partner in 20 percent of Drummond’s Colombian operations [3], establishing Drummond International.

Drummond controls reserves totalling over 2 billion tons producing more coal in Colombia per year than from all of the mines in Alabama combined.[4] In addition to the coal mines, Drummond’s Operations in Colombia include a deep water ocean port (Puerto Drummond) and a railway to transport the coal 120 miles by freight from the mines to Puerto Drummond. Drummond is one of the most important suppliers of coal to European coal power plants.

As Drummond is a private company no investor information is available.

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